Here are some of the top online lending stories and trends of October 2018 for online lending investors, lenders and industry watchers:

Industry News

10/1/2018 These founders share what makes for a good fintech company. (Forbes)

10/1/2018 The future of banking: Fintech or Techfin? (Forbes)

10/3/2018 Good prices or good service: What hooks online-online banking customers? (American Banker)

10/4/2018 As loan approvals are growing at near-record rates, find out why you may need a lending solution software. (MonJa blog)

10/5/2018 The 3 trends to watch in fintech, according to top VCs. (Forbes)

10/5/2018 Blockchain’s potential to simplify tax headaches. (Forbes)

10/9/2018 How automation can help with small business loan underwriting. (MonJa)

10/9/2018 Report shows fintech sector flourishing with $40bn in M&A action. (Altfi)

10/9/2018 Marcus scaling back origination plans for 2019. (Lend Academy)

10/10/2018 What is the future for traditional and challenger banks? (Chris_Skinner)

10/10/2018 PeerIQ: Economic growth is solid, lending securitization strong, but are storm clouds gathering? (Crowdfund Insider)

10/12/2018 Two fintechs make TIME Inaugural Genius List. (Lend Academy)

10/12/2018 PayPal announce partnership with Walmart to roll out cash in & cash out money services at stores. (Crowdfund Insider)

10/15/2018 Hong Kong is rocking fintech. (Crowdfund Insider)

10/15/2018 Why are small banks struggling to recruit millennials? (American Banker)

10/17/2018 What are the roles of automated software in small business lending? (MonJa blog)

10/17/2018 A new report by LendIt Fintech looks at the current state of open banking and some early lessons learned. (Lend Academy)

10/18/2018 SEC launches new “FinHub” for Innovation and Financial Technology. (Crowdfund Insider)

10/19/2018 Why now is the best time to embrace blockchain technology. (Forbes)

10/22/2018 PNC to debut entirely digital small-business loans. (American Banker)

10/23/2018 Invest in digital or move aside: One CEO’s warning to small banks. (American Banker)

10/23/2018 The way consumers access loans is all about to change with this announcement from Credit Karma. (Lend Academy)

10/24/2018 What if the SEC approves an ETF for bitcoin? (Crowdfund Insider)

10/25/2018 Should digital banking include a human component? (Financial Brand)

10/25/2018 Japan approves crypto self-regulation. (Altfi)

10/26/2018 Can bank-issued prepaid cards appeal to U.S crypto market? (American Banker)

10/26/2018 Digital lending is revolutionizing the financial sector. Going digital has helped many banks to streamline processes, improve service quality and reduce costs. (MonJa blog)

10/29/2018 How is Artificial Intelligence changing digital lenders? (MonJa blog)

10/29/2018 How (and why) Barclays keep an eye on crypto activity. (American Banker)

10/30/2018 What will the future of idle cash hold for marketplace lending platforms? (Lend Academy)

Platform News

10/8/2018 An update on Prosper pricing and credit changes. (Prosper Loans)

10/11/2018 LendingClub and Renaud Laplanche put their legal troubles behind them. (Lend Academy)

10/16/2018 OnDeck introduces ODX, Brian Geary selected as President. (Crowdfund Insider)

10/18/2018 Credible expands their marketplace into mortgage refinancing. (Lend Academy)

10/19/2018 Intuit partners with Lending Club and Wealthfront. (Altfi)

10/22/2018 PNC Bank announces new partnership with OnDeck to launch Digital Business Lending Platform in 2019. (Crowdfund Insider)

10/30/2018 SoFi settles charges with the FTC. (American Banker)

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