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MonJa is changing the way bankers spread the statements.

With us, it’s fast and easy. We help banks speed up loan underwriting and review by 70%.

Step 1

Upload borrower's tax returns and financials

Step 2

System reads data & intellingently extracts data

Step 3

Get the credit memo and spreads automatically

MonJa’s Smart Scan Workflow

Document Upload

Image pre-processing


Automated Scanning

Financial Ratios

What Is MonJa Smart Scan Technology?

MonJa Smart Scan is the technology for commercial lending. It extracts and spreads borrower uploaded financials for decisioning, reducing data entry needed by lenders and credit officers.

Who Is MonJa Platform For?

If you are a Bank, Credit Union or an Online Lender looking to automate the underwriting workflow, MonJa Platform is for you. We offer free one-on-one Underwriting consultation to Chief Credit Officers and Chief Lending Officers.

What Is MonJa Underwriting Platform?

MonJa Underwriting Platform is a commercial loan underwriting portal for banks and credit unions. With automated decisioning based on a combination of underwriting rules and scores, we help financial institutions to streamline the underwriting of small business term loans and revolvers.

See How Your Financial Institution Can Benefit From MonJa Underwriting Automation

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MonJa provides highly-advanced intelligent document automation, document management, and underwriting for financial institutions.



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