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MonJa's Intelligent Document Processing and Automation Services for Insurance

MonJa has an intelligent document processing (IDP) platform for highly-advanced automated data extraction, document Management, and underwriting for insurance companies.

How can MonJa Platform help insurance companies to automate document management?

MonJa helps the market-players operating in the insurance industry to automate parts of the document processing that require manual data extraction, are highly time-consuming and repetitive in nature, such as:

How is MonJa data extraction engine different from other automation technology vendors?

To ensure high quality of extracted data, we incorporated second-level human review on top of the highly efficient system’s engine. Unlike with other automation technology vendors, with us, you do not have to waste time manually verifying the accuracy of the extracted data. Our team does it for you.


What can MonJa Automation Platform do for you?


How can you benefit from choosing our platform?

Why work with MonJa?

  • Customization options. We adapt our system, according to your needs, and apdate it according to your changing scenarios.
  • Budget-freindly price. You get charget based on the number of documents you processed through MonJa portal.
  • Productivity boots across mutiple workflows. We focus on the overall workflow in your organization instead of a single functio.
  • Dynamic and ongoing compliance.


How can you benefit from choosing our platform?

Intelligent Document Processing & Automation Services for Insurance

MonJa provides highly-advanced intelligent document automation, document management, and underwriting for financial institutions.



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