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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of October 2022 for online lending investors and industry watchers.


Industry News

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]10/3/2022 What buy now/pay later fintechs can expect next from the CFPB (AmerBanker)

10/4/2022 Banks send each other $500 million on day of blockchain launch (AmerBanker)

10/4/2022 Mastercard pushes deeper into crypto with new tool for combating fraud (CNBC)

10/5/2022 The Most Powerful Women in Banking 2022 (AmerBanker)

10/5/2022 SWIFT Says It’s Proved It Can Be the Way Forward for Global CBDCs (CoinDesk)

10/6/2022 Blockchain-Powered Digital Assets And What It Means For Fintech (Forbes)

10/6/2022 The challenging path ahead for banks in the small-business realm (AmerBanker)

10/7/2022 What Elon Musk’s Twitter “super app” ambition means for fintech and crypto (AltFiNews)

10/7/2022 Uber Pro Card built by Mastercard, Marqeta, and Branch launches (FintechNexus) 

10/10/2022 Mark Cuban On How Crypto Will Evolve To Meet Our Needs (Forbes) 

10/10/2022 Block takes over the conversation for Square merchants (AmerBanker)

10/11/2022 Channel Capital launches $300m lending strategy to fund SME lenders (AmerBanker)  

10/11/2022 PayPal made a big upgrade to its U.S. tech. Did anybody notice? (AmerBanker)

10/13/2022 15 Simple Ways Financial Advisors Can Go Above And Beyond For Clients (Forbes)

10/13/2022 Why CUs Should Look for Compliance Support While Choosing a Next-Gen Core Banking Platform (CU_Times)

10/14/2022 Apple to launch high-yield wallet savings account (FintechNexus)

10/14/2022 Biometrics’ role in stopping peer-to-peer payment scams (AmerBanker)

10/17/2022 Mastercard will help banks offer cryptocurrency trading (CNBC)

10/17/2022 How do fintechs help with the cost of living and remain viable businesses?  (Forbes)

10/19/2022 SBA wants to add fintechs to its biggest lending program (AmerBanker)

10/19/2022 Two California-Based CUs Announce Merger (CU_Times)

10/20/2022 Bankers have written a playbook for fintech partnerships (AmerBanker)

10/20/2022 Nubank launches its own cryptocurrency Nucoin (AltFiNews)

10/21/2022 Chase hikes its savings interest rates in a bid to boost customer growth (AltFiNews)

10/21/2022 A brief history of activist investors in tech and the role they play (TechCrunch)

10/24/2022 Crypto Is More Attractive as SEC Gets Aggressive, Investors Say (Business)

10/24/2022 Embedded finance can improve the fortunes of fintechs in an economic downturn (AltfiNews)

10/25/2022 How To Take Advantage Of Higher Interest Rates (Forbes) 

10/25/2022 Klarna Kosma helps SME lender boost loans (AltFiNews) 

10/26/2022 Rishi Sunak is Pro Crypto: More Comments on New PM (CrowdfundInside)

10/27/2022 Fintech using behavioral science to monitor consumer debt (AmerBanker)

10/27/2022 Innovation in the P2P cross-border payments industry is fueling financial inclusion worldwide (TechCrunch)

10/28/2022 OCC to Open Office of Financial Technology (Pymnts)

10/31/2022 Adyen adds small-business credit to take share from banks, fintechs (AmerBanker)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Platform News

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]10/26/2022 CFPB announces open banking rule (FintechNexus)

10/28/2022 Digital Bank Revolut to Allow Customers to Make Purchases With Crypto Balances (CoinDesk) 

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