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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of April 2020 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

4/1/2020 Fintechs still pushing for new hires despite the coronavirus outbreak. (AltFi News)

4/2/2020 8 New Fintech Ebooks to Read While in Covid-19 Quarantine (FiintechCH)

4/6/2020 Bank of America is the first big bank to accept SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan applications. (Fortune Magazine) 

4/6/2020 Curve takes leaf from Apple’s book with number-less cards. (AltFi News)

4/7/2020 Klarna, Transferwise and execs to join new investor platform Cultivate. (AltFi News)

4/8/2020 Starling Bank releases new spare debit card option to help those self-isolating. (AltFi News)

4/9/2020 Top 7 Predictions on Coronavirus and its Impact on the Lending Industry. (MonJa blog)

4/9/2020 Fintech Lenders Can Finally Apply to be Part of the PPP. (Lend Academy)

4/13/2020 Goldman Sachs launches installment loan business with JetBlue. (CNBC) 

4/13/2020 How Lenders Can Mitigate Fraud in Challenging Times. (LendAcademy)

4/14/2020 8 Low-Risk Loan Portfolio Strategies For Banks In The Coronavirus Environment. (MonJa blog)

4/14/2020 Here are the side projects fintechs are launching to ease the strain of coronavirus. (Altfi News) 

4/15/2020 Fintechs OK’d to make emergency small-business loans. (American Banker)

4/15/2020 Google Pay and India’s Digital Payments App PhonePe were Most Frequently Downloaded Fintech Apps in February 2020. (Crowdfund Insider) 

4/16/2020 Bithumb Announces Integration With Blockchain-Based Digital ID Organization MyID Alliance. (Crowdfund Insider)

4/17/2020 “Digital currency, like Bitcoin, CBDCs or stablecoins, will get a boost from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)”. (Crowdfund Insider) 

4/17/2020 Here are all of the Fintechs Involved in PPP Loans. (Lend Academy) 

4/20/2020 Why digital currency is increasing worldwide. (Crowdfund Insider) 

4/20/2020 Why Smart Regulation Leads To Fintech Innovation. (Forbes)

4/21/2020 COVID-19 and Recession: A Banking Perspective on Survival. (MonJa Blog) 

4/21/2020 Will Google develop a smart debit card? Read more here. (TechCrunch)

4/23/2020 Fintech Lendio Partners with Jack Henry & Associates to Speed Up PPP Process. (Crowdfund Insider)

4/24/2020 Fintech And Coronavirus: US Stimulus Payments Boosted Mobile Banking Registrations 200%.  (Forbes) 

4/24/2020 23 Fintech Companies Aiding in Coronavirus Relief. (a 16z)

4/27/2020 Fintechs are helping banks and small businesses with the new round of PPP loans. (Business Insider)

4/27/2020 Banking in the Times of Coronavirus: Do’s and Don’ts. (MonJa Blog) 

4/28/2020 7m more people use contactless now than before COVID-19 says Barclaycard. (Altfi News) 

4/29/2020 Digital Banks Focusing More Than Ever on Serving New and Existing Customers (Lend Academy)

Platform News

4/3/2020 Revolut makes crypto and gold trading ‘free’ for all customers. (AltFi News)

4/7/2020 ThinCats appoints former Oakbrook finance director Mark Guttridge as CFO. (AltFi News)

4/8/2020 US lender SoFi uses warchest to scoop up infrastructure giant Galileo for $1.2bn. (AltFi News)

4/10/2020 Deutsche Bank rolls out Deposit Solutions for wealth management and branch customers. (AltFi News) 

4/16/2020 Funding Circle joins US stimulus program. (Altfi News)

4/21/2020 SoFi Acquires 8 Securities in Hong Kong. (Crowdfund Insider)

4/23/2020 SoFi Invest (And Commission-Free Trading) Comes to Hong Kong. (PRNews) 

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