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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of February 2022 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

2/1/2022 Behind First Internet Bank’s plan to step up banking as a service (AmerBanker)

2/2/2022 Fintechs merge to combine consumer, business loan tech for banks (AmerBanker)

2/3/2022 How Banks Will Mint Their Own Stablecoins (FinancialBrand)

2/3/2022 How the EMV migration paved the way for crypto payments (AmerBanker)

2/7/2022 SoftBank-backed fintech DriveWealth is adding crypto to take on Coinbase’s ‘unsustainable’ fees (CNBC)

2/7/2022 Bitcoin as a benefit? How NYDIG wants to help employees save (AmerBanker)

2/8/2022 Wirex, a Digital Payments Platform, Expands Operations into the US: Pay with Crypto (CrowdfundInsider)

2/8/2022 Here are Tiger Global’s 10 top fintech investments (AltFiNews) 

2/9/2022 Digital verification growth will extend beyond epidemic: Cognito CEO (LendIt)

2/9/2022 Apple reveals ‘Tap to Pay’ enabling fintechs to use the iPhone’s NFC chip (AltFiNews)

2/11/2022 Digital bank Tonik raises $131m, eyes international expansion (FinTechFutures)

2/11/2022 American Express debuts consumer bank account (FinExtra)

2/14/2022 Barclays joins the call for more buy now, pay later regulation (AltFiNews) 

2/14/2022 Bitcoin Holds Above $42,000; SHIB Leads Gains Among Crypto Heavyweights (Forbes)

2/15/2022 What do banks need to do to deal with FinTech? (Chris_Skinner)

2/15/2022 The Coming Boom In Metaverse Lending For Banks (Forbes)

2/16/2022 10 bank and fintech executives to watch in 2022 (AmerBanker)

2/16/2022 The Kids are…all investing in crypto (AltFiNews)

2/17/2022 Sequoia Launches $500 Million Fund To Invest In Crypto Tokens As Silicon Valley Throws Billions At Blockchain (Forbes)

2/17/2022 Crypto, CRA, data sharing: Bank regulators’ ambitious priorities for 2022 (AmerBanker) 

2/18/2022 UK reaches milestone of 5 million open banking users (AltFiNews)

2/18/2022 The Future of ‘Banking as a Service (LendIt) 

2/21/2022 5 trends sweeping digital banking now (AmerBanker) 

2/21/2022 Banking news roundup (AmerBanker)

2/22/2022 Digital Asset Platform Amber Group Raises $200 Million at $3 Billion Valuation, Funding led by Temasek (CrowdfundInsider)

2/23/2022 First Approved US Exchange to Use Blockchain: BSTX CEO Shares Insight into the Future of Securities (CrowdfundInsider) [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Platform News

2/1/2022 Zopa officially exits P2P lending (p2pfinancenews)

2/2/2022 LendingClub beats Q4 earnings and delivers profits (LendIt)

2/22/2022 SoFi to Buy Banking-Infrastructure Firm Technisys for About $1.1 Billion (WSJ)

2/23/2022 Zopa launches new saver account with “highest returns” on the market (AltFiNews) 

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