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Here are some of the top stories and trends of December 2018 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

MonJa: Online Lending Monthly News

Industry News

12/3/2018 AI expected to disrupt private equity industry within five years. (AltFi)

12/4/2018 MonJa’s Digital Banking and Lending Monthly Roundup for November. (MonJa)

12/6/2018 Five Innovation Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019. (FinancialBrand)

12/6/2018 Three Keys To Unlocking Consumer Trust In Fintech. (Forbes)

12/7/2018 Regulators Encourage AI Testing to Combat Money Laundering. (AmericanBanker)

12/10/2018 71% of millennials would rather visit the dentist than go to the bank. Read why and how to attract more millennials to your branch. (MonJa)

12/12/2018 Business lender iwoca expands Open Banking connections. (AltFi)

12/13/2018 Revolut lands European banking licence after year-long wait. (AltFi)

12/13/2018 Seven (realistic) predictions about fintech in 2019. (AmericanBanker)

12/14/2018 Facebook Expanding Blockchain Team Despite Claims It’s a Bunk Tech for Business. (Crowdfundinsider)

12/14/2018 German stock exchange set to launch crypto trading exchange. (AltFi)

12/17/2018 Some of the most common beliefs about debt are actually myths. Find out what they are. (ProsperLoans)

12/17/2018 How To Create The Ideal Millennial Bank. (MonJa)

12/17/2018 Digital wealth manager targets £7m fundraise. (AltFi)

12/18/2018 How are fintechs helping Americans rein in holiday spending? (AmericanBanker)

12/18/2018 “A hit from its European Investment Bank transaction as well as higher UK loss rates have prompted a fall in expected returns for the Funding Circle SME Income fund.” (AltFi)

12/19/2018 Do you know the most important steps to take in digitization? (MonJa)

12/19/2018 Amazon, Google at odds with big banks over Fed’s role in faster payments.  (American Banker)

12/21/2018 Canada’s alternative finance market boomed in 2017. (AltFi)

12/26/2018 Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain! What’s in Store for 2019? (CrowdfundInsider)

12/26/2018 What’s in Store for Banks in 2019? (FintechWeekly)

12/27/2018 Need some fintech, fiction, or non-fiction recommendations? Crowdfund Insider reached out to fintech leaders to share their favorite books and what’s currently on their bedside tables. (CrowdfundInsider)

12/27/2018 Fintech in 2019? Predictions for Crowdfunding, Open Banking, SMEs, Regulations & More…. (CrowdfundInsider)

Platform News

12/10/2018 P2P lender Zopa to seek more funding in 2019 as it opens its own bank. (CNBC)

12/11/2018 P2P platform ThinCats secures £200m funding deal. (AltFi)

12/11/2018 Upstart Riding Automation and Bank Partnerships to Profitability. (LendAcademy)

12/12/2018 Monzo raises £20m through crowdfunding. (AltFi)

12/20/2018 OnDeck to Offer Equipment Finance Loans to Select U.S. Small Businesses. (CrowdfundInsider)

12/20/2018 P2P lending platform closes £1.5m funding round. (AltFi)

12/21/2018 Equipment Financing Market to Get Boost From OnDeck. (LendAcademy)

12/28/2018 RateSetter passes £500m secondary market milestone. (AltFi)

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