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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of November 2021 for online lending investors and industry watchers.


Industry News

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]11/2/2021 Fintech earnings begin before Halloween (LendIt)

11/2/2021 Crypto Price Prediction: Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000 Before The End Of 2021—But Lacks Ethereum ‘Intensity’ (Forbes)

11/4/2021 Fintech startup offers alternative to buy now/pay later loans (AmerBanker)

11/4/2021 Is There a Place for Banks in a Fintech-Driven Future? (Finextra)

11/8/2021 Team 8 Takes Refreshing Approach to Driving Business Development, Fintech (Crowdfundinside)

11/8/2021 Fintech Q3 Earnings: Oportun, Square, Green Dot (LendIt)

11/9/2021 The Next Big Thing in Fintech: Teen Banking (LendIt)

11/9/2021 Robinhood crypto wallet has a waitlist of 1.6 million people: Crypto COO (YahooFinance)

11/10/2021 Digital ID firm Socure hits $4.5bn valuation (Finextra)

11/10/2021 London-based fintech startup, Zilch, becomes fastest European double unicorn following funding boost of €95 million (EU_Startups)

11/11/2021 Ripple to launch crypto service for financial companies (CNBC)

11/11/2021 It’s beginning to look like a good Christmas for credit card lenders (AmerBanker)

11/12/2021 Is Cryptocurrency A New Way To Pay Or A New Way To Invest? (Forbes)

11/15/2021 Q3 Fintech Earnings Week: a Wild Ride (LendIt)

11/16/2021 How Digitalization is Driving Bank M&A and Improving Performance (AmerBanker)

11/16/2021 Nearly 80pc of investors plan on investing in crypto this year (p2pfinancenews)

11/17/2021 3 ways fintech companies can help retailers launch financial services (TechCrunch)

11/18/2021 Banks and Credit Unions Wade Into Crypto Banking (And Why) (FinancialBrand)

11/18/2021 Fintech Lending Options Are Overtaking Traditional Banks (TheFintechTimes)

11/19/2021 Consumers turn to alternative finance as brands beat banks (p2pfinancenews)

11/19/2021 Voyager to launch crypto debit card powered by Mastercard (CityAM)

11/29/2021 El Salvador plans to create a ‘Bitcoin City’ and raise $1 billion via a ‘Bitcoin Bond’ (CNBC)

11/29/2021 Monzo now offers virtual card payments for Flex (AltFiNews)

11/30/2021 Four reasons to consider P2P lending for your portfolio (p2pfinancenews)

11/30/2021 10 Giant Crypto And Blockchain Rounds Single-Handedly Raised $3.9 Billion This Year (Forbes)


Platform News

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]11/3/2021 ThinCats hires Santander veteran in business development role (p2pfinancenews)

11/12/2021 Affirm, SoFi shares pop following earnings (CNBC)

11/15/2021 Revolut crypto hire reveals plan to build an in-house crypto exchange (AltFiNews)

11/17/2021 Upgrade nearly doubles valuation to $6bn in 4 months (AltFiNews)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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