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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of July 2022 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

7/1/22 Financial assistant Cleo raises $80m to support Gen Z (AltFiNews)

7/1/22 Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Market To Hit USD 912.43 Billion By 2028. (CNBC)

7/5/22 Zilch maintains a $2bn valuation as it tops up Series C by $50m (AltFiNews)

7/5/22 The iPhone at 15: You wouldn’t have fintech without it (AltFiNews)

7/7/22 Digital credit takes a page from buy now/pay later loans (AmerBanker)

7/8/22 Brainard calls digital dollar a ‘natural evolution’ of payment system (AmerBanker)

7/11/22 The power of partnering fintechs with incumbents (Fintechnexus) 

7/11/22 Klarna confirms $800M raise as valuation drops 85% to $6.7B (TechCrunch)

7/12/22 Four Key Trends Are Transforming Fintech—Is Your Business Ready? (Forbes)

7/12/22 Four trends to watch in second-quarter bank earnings (AmerBanker)

7/13/22 WeLab Introduces Wealth Advisory Service (CrowdfundInside)

7/14/22 What Is Fintech And How Does It Affect How I Bank? (Forbes)

7/18/22 The bright side of fintech funding results (TechCrunch)

7/19/22 Financial regulation in the UK is at a pivotal crossroads (AltFiNews)

7/19/22 Capital One is pushing through the inertia of B2B payment automation (AmerBanker)

7/20/22 ​​Fintech Innovations, like Digit, may Boost Consumer Savings and Improve Financial Health, According to a New Study from the Financial Health Network (YahooFinance)

7/20/22 Blockdaemon Acquires Sepior, a Digital Asset Security Firm (CrowdfundInside)

7/21/22 Fintech – Will it replace traditional banks? (euronewsnext)

7/21/22 4 Key Opportunities to Leverage in Fintech and Beyond (Entrepreneur)

7/22/22 Fintech is far from ‘dead’ (AltFiNews)

7/25/22 7 mobile app features that will be essential to bank customers (AmerBanker)

7/27/22 8 fintech VCs discuss the shifting investing landscape and how to pitch them in Q3 2022 (TechCrunch)

7/28/22 Why online banks aren’t sweating the rise in deposit costs (AmerBanker) 

7/29/22 Can Fintech Turn Around Our Collapsing Economy? (Forbes

Platform News

7/6/22 Revolut teams up with Stripe to support payments in Europe (AltFiNews)

7/7/22 Starling Bank launches Bills Manager for small businesses (AltFiNews)

7/13/22 LendInvest issues new bonds paying 6.5pc (p2pfinancenews)

7/28/22 LendingClub posts positive Q2 Earnings (LendIt)

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