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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of March 2022 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

3/2/2022 State of open banking regulation in Latin America (LendIt)

3/3/2022 Home field advantage: SoFi stock pumps on earnings (LendIt)

3/4/2022 5 reasons why fintech M&A is hitting new highs (AmerBanker)

3/4/2022 17 fintechs that could be acquired as M&A activity ramps up this year, according to top investors (Business Insider)

3/9/2022 Biden’s Crypto Executive Order Puts ‘Urgency’ On Digital Dollar Research And Fuels Bitcoin, Ether Prices (Forbes)

3/9/2022 The competitive edge of the UK fintech market (LendIt)

3/11/2022 Fintech firm Curve launches in the US (Curve)

3/17/2022 Instagram is adding NFTs soon, says Mark Zuckerberg (Cointelegraph)

3/18/2022 2021 was the biggest year of contactless payments yet (AltFiNews)

3/21/2022 Meet the UK’s 24 fintech unicorns (AltFiNews)

3/22/2022 4 ways banks are experimenting in the metaverse (AmerBanker)

3/22/2022 Fintech startup Jeeves raises $180M, quadruples valuation to $2.1B in half a year (TechCrunch)

3/23/2022 Open Banking: Apple makes first major UK fintech acquisition with Credit Kudos purchase (AltfiNews)

3/23/2022 Digital IDs Become More Critical as Online & Mobile Banking Dominate (LendIt)

3/25/2022 BoE lays out crypto regulatory framework (AltFiNews)

3/25/2022 Inside Stripe’s second shot at crypto (AltFiNews)

3/28/2022 Glint allows users to spend gold as money (LendIt)

3/30/2022 Banking as a Service (BaaS) Continues to Gain Steady Momentum (CrowdFundInside)

3/30/2022 Alternative lenders essential to SMEs as inflation rises (LendIt) 

Platform News

3/3/2022 Revolut and IRIS partner to bring early salary access to thousands (AltFiNews)

3/7/2022 Why SoFi’s Tech + Bank Deals Could Disrupt Traditional Banking (FinancialBrand)

3/10/2022 Funding Options launches platform for accountants and business advisors (AltFiNews)

3/10/2022 Kabbage provided lifeline loans to small businesses during pandemic (LendIt)

3/28/2022 Revolut launches as a bank in Ireland (AltFiNews)

3/29/2022 Revolut beefs up US leadership team (AltFiNews) 

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