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Here are some of the top stories and trends of March 2019 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

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Industry News

3/1/2019 The Future of Banking Requires Balancing Old and New. (Forbes)

3/4/2019 Blockchain-powered lender Bitbond to launch Germany’s first security token. (AltFiNews)

3/4/2019 Facebook Plans to Launch WhatsApp Cryptocurrency in Next Few Months. (Business Insider)

3/5/2019 Over 53% of the bankers believe that AI and machine learning will be the finest technologies to influence Banking Industry in 2019. (MonJa)

3/6/2019 10 Fintechs Have Already Raised Monster Rounds in 2019. (LendAcademy)

3/7/2019 LendIt Announces Finalists For the Third Annual LendIt Fintech Industry Awards. (CrowdFundInside)

3/7/2019 Banks cannot neglect the importance and impact of technology in banking. Read how traditional banks invested in digital transformation for success. (Fintech)

3/8/2019 How Fintech Should Help to Close the Gender Gap in Business Lending. (CrowdFundInside)

3/11/2019 Can Citi and Chase beat fintechs at their own game? (American Banker)

3/12/2019 The Chief Innovation Officer of ICBA talks about digitization for community banks and the constant need to be at the forefront of innovation. (Pymnts)

3/12/2019 Invesco launches blockchain ET. (AltFiNews)

3/12/2019 Stash Launching New Feature to Help Americans Invest. (LendAcademy)

3/13/2019 Toyota designing digital bank for drivers, not just dealers. (American Banker)

3/13/2019 Why venture capitalists love fintechs. (American Banker)

3/14/2019 What technology trends will matter most in the months and years ahead? (Financial Brand)

3/15/2019 Going Crypto: MIT Creates a Better Bitcoin with Vault. (CrowdfundInside)

3/18/2019 Fintech will more ‘profoundly’ affect Britain than Brexit, says MP. (AltFiNews)

3/19/2019 The 2019 Geneva Report on the World Economy Needs Your Input. (LendAcademy)

3/19/2019 Regional banks must merge to meet tech challenges. (American Banker)

3/21/2019 Brexit at boiling point in Commons, but fintechs work around uncertainties. (AltFiNews)

3/21/2019 The UK fintech boom: why now is the time to scale-up your fintech business. (Fintech_Weekly)

3/22/2019 In AI era, CEO’s must put people first. (AmericanBanker)

3/22/2019 Smaller institutions should embrace, not oppose, fintechs. (American Banker)

3/25/2019 How much does P2P drive engagement for banks? (American Banker)

3/25/2019 Credit unions have typically been slower to adopt new fintech solutions than other financial institutions, but that is changing. (MonJa)

3/27/2019 A Speedy And Hassle-Free MCA Lending (MonJa blog)

3/27/2019 Fintechs dominate Future Fifty start-up stars. (AltFiNews)

3/28/2019 Here’s how UK fintech responded to Apple Card. (AltFiNews)

3/28/2019 Direct lending fund hits dividend target, increases average lending yield. (AltFiNews)

3/29/2019 Is P2P A (Good) Trojan Horse For Banks? (Pymnts)

Platform News

3/1/2019 Assetz Capital pulls in £10m to 90-day account in one week. (AltFiNews)

3/6/2019 Assetz Capital ties up with German bank to help SMEs through Brexit. (AltFiNews)

3/8/2019 Funding Circle Sees Sales Jump and Losses Widen. (AltFiNews)

3/18/2019 Zopa returns to investors nears £250m. (AltFiNews)

3/20/2019 LendingClub and Prosper Tax Information for 2019. (LendAcademy)

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