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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of May 2023 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

5/1/2023 Crypto Usage Rises Across Argentina, Despite The Anti-Crypto IMF Deal (Forbes)

5/1/2023 Apple’s New Savings Account Draws Nearly $1 Billion In Deposits In First Four Days (Forbes) 

5/3/2023 Fintech to hit $1.5trn by 2030 (AltFiNews)

5/3/2023 New P2P lending platform for NFTs launches (p2pfinancenews)

5/4/2023 Open Finance fintech Belvo taps labor data to boost lending in Mexico (FintechNexus) 

5/4/2023 Peer to Peer Lending Market to Hit USD 926.55 Billion by 2030 due to Demand for Alternative Sources of Funding and Increasing Adoption of Digitalization (YahooFinance)

5/5/2023 Exploring Alternative Financing Options For Small Businesses And Startups (Forbes) 

5/8/2023 Fintech’s international expansion is getting interesting (AltFiNews) 

5/9/2023 European P2P investors “optimistic” about economy (p2pfinancenews)

5/10/2023 Do Your Homework: How To Set Your Bank-Fintech Partnership Up For Success (Forbes)

5/11/2023 How Financial Institutions Can Confidently Swipe Right On Fintech Partnerships (Forbes)

5/12/2023 Onboarding and automation: What fintechs can learn from big banks (TechCrunch)

5/16/2023 P2P will play larger role as liquidity tightens (p2pfinancenews) 

5/18/2023 Why do investors believe bitcoin is readying for a comeback? (FintechNexus) 

5/18/2023 How would new regulations on advanced AI affect banks? (AmerBanker)

5/19/2023 How does the P2P sector protect its customers from fraud? (p2pfinancenews) 

5/19/2023 Fintech Plurall and dale! to launch microcredit program in Colombia (FintechNexus)

5/30/2023 LatAm fintechs propose joint open finance regulation (FintechNexus)

5/31/2023 Consumers move to consolidate debt (p2pfinancenews) 

5/31/2023 American Express veterans’ fintech fund isn’t looking to disrupt (AmerBanker)

Platform News

5/2/2023 Revolut takes on Nubank with Brazil launch and LatAm push (AltFiNews) 

5/2/2023 Mintos sees opportunities in Mexico’s alternative lending market (p2pfinancenews) 

5/11/2023 Revolut launches ETFs trading across Europe (AltFiNews) 

5/15/2023 Revolut set to start offering loans in France (AltFiNews) 

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