Here are some of the stories and trends that took place this October in marketplace lending. Please enjoy.

Industry News:

10-02-2017- The P2P Power 50 (Peer2Peer Finance News)

10-03-2017- Ron Suber, Mitch Jacobs & Alexandra Wilkis Wilson to Advise YieldStreet (Crowdfund Insider)  

10-04-2017- Is the hybrid model the future for robo-advice and digital wealth management? (altfi)

10-04-2017- How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence are Changing Online Lending (Cointelegraph)

10-06-2017- Amazon Could Be Your Lender, Too (Bloomberg)

10-09-2017- Non-bank lending eyes $1trn market (altfi)

10-09-2017- The Fintech Revolution: A Positive Force (Forbes)

10-10-2017- Online Lending 2.0 by Renaud Laplanche (Lend Academy)  

10-10-2017- Renaud Laplanche reveals fintech predictions (altfi)

10-11-2017- McKinsey’s take on the future of wealth management  (altfi)

10-11-2017- PeerIQ Releases Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker Q3 2017 (Lend Academy)

10-12-2017- Lending Disrupted? Not Yet, Says Renaud Laplanche (Crowdfund Insider)  

10-12-2017- The digital customer and the information age (altfi)

10-13-2017- Seen and Heard at LendIt Europe: The Future of Finance (Crowdfund Insider)  

10-18-2017- Mind the GAP in the Lending GAP (altfi)

10-20-2017- Defining excellence in digital banking (altfi)

10-21-2017- American Express expands commitment to online lending with new SME product (altfi)

10-23-2017- Wells Fargo Accelerator Program Attracts Four Fintech Startups (Crowdfund Insider)

10-23-2017- Large banks make terrible partners, fintechs say (American Banker)

10-23-2017- Biometrics is Going to Eat the Finance World (Lend Academy)

10-27-2017- Webinar With Ron Suber: We’re In The Golden Age of FinTech  (Shares Post)

10-27-2017- Fintech Innovation Is Driving Increased Customer Engagement, Knowledge and Loyalty (Forbes)

10-30-2017- Hurricanes Harvey and Irma’s impact on loan performance (MonJa Blog)

Platform News:

10-02-2017- Lending Club and Prosper Data: 10 Years In (Lend Academy)  

10-10-2017- Fintech lender launches API, partners with digital bank (altfi)

10-16-2017- SoFi Completes $776.7 Million Loan Securitization (Crowdfund Insider)  

10-16-2017- Lending platform signs deal with Goldman Sachs (altfi)

10-17-2017- Lending Club Sweetens the United Airlines Frequent Flier Promotion (Lend Academy)

10-18-2017- SoFi Announces Entrepreneur Program 2.0 (Crowdfund Insider)

10-22-2017- SoFi held acquisition talks with Charles Schwab (TechCrunch)

10-23-2017- OnDeck Collaborates with Ingo Money and Visa to enable real-time Loan Funding to Small Businesses (OnDeck)

10-25-2017- New Zopa securitisation priced, highlights market confidence (altfi)

10-26-2017- Overview of US real estate platforms (online lenders) (MonJa Blog)

10-30-2017- Zopa to Remove Zopa Access & Zopa Classic Products on December 1st (Crowdfund Insider)  

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