Here are some of the top stories and trends of May 2018 for online lending investors, lenders and industry watchers:

Industry News:

5/31/2018 Here are 8 trends shaping the future of blockchain technology. (cbInsights)

5/31/2018 Intel patent for industry blockchain released: No mining, few nodes. (Crowdfundinside)

5/30/2018 RateSetter weighs in on the Great British bank-off debate. (altfi)

5/30/2018 Banking fails to serve older digital native’ consumers.(FinancialBrand)

5/29/2018 Are we in the golden age of fintech? (WatchFinTechTV)

5/25/2018 Fintech leaders back second Brexit vote. (altfi)

5/24/2018 Decision on fintech charter coming this summer. (American Banker)

5/24/2018 With the huge amount of data available today is large scale borrower fraud a thing of the past? (LendAcademy)

5/23/2018 Is blockchain headed for the real estate investor market? (altfi)

5/22/2018 US lender Kabbage wants to be the next PayPal. (altfi)

5/21/2018 The Economist: Banks must become more agile, adapt to the digital banking age. (Crowdfundinside)

5/18/2018 Digital banking? Look to Asia and Africa for leaders. (Forbes)

5/18/2018 Why small businesses represent the last straw for community banks. (MonJa)

5/17/2018 With help from fintech, JPMorgan opens asset management to masses. (AmericanBanker)

5/16/2018 Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google Bank anyone? Over half of under 45s interested in banking products from tech giants. (altfi)

5/16/2018 Goldman Sachs eyes Germany for expansion of Marcus. (FT)

5/15/2018 Goldman Sachs Said to be Partnering With Apple on a New Credit Card.

5/14/2018 Will capital plan cost big banks $400M or $121B? (American Banker)

5/14/2018 Why is fintech favored by high net worth investors? (altfi)

5/11/018 Facebook Creates Dedicated #Blockchain Team. (Crowdfund Inside)

5/10/2018 Find out how artificial intelligence is reshaping jobs in banking. (American Banker)

5/9/2018 Should fintech companies move on from millennials? (Forbes)

5/8/2018 How is artificial intelligence reshaping jobs in banking? (American Banker)

5/7/2018 This alternative credit focused asset manager has launched eight share classes. (altfi)

5/7/2018 Online Lender Better Mortgage Appoints Former OnDeck Employee Howard Katzenberg As New Chief Financial Officer. (Crowdfund Inside)

5/4/2018 Goldman Sachs Goes Public About Cryptocurrency Trading Desk. (Crowdfund Inside)

5/4/2018 What will the 2018 banking industry outlook hold? Here’s six themes driving banking industry trends. (DeloitteUS)

5/3/2018 Fintech funding hits $127bn. (altfi)

5/3/2018 There is no disputing that China is ahead of the rest of the world in mobile payments. What insight does it offer U.S. bankers? (American Banker)

Platform News:

5/30/2018 RateSetter gears up for further growth following the launch of its #ISA product. (altfi)

5/25/2018 RateSetter passes £2.5bn of lending. (altfi)

5/23/2018 Assetz Capital announces its first ever rate increase across access accounts. (Crowdfundinside)

5/21/2018 Zopa stake boosts TruFin annual results. (altfi)

5/18/2018 Prosper narrowed their losses for the 1st quarter of 2018 and reported significant growth in originations. (LendAcademy)

5/15/2018 P2P lender RateSetter tops milestone of returning £100 million in pre-tax interest payments to investors. (Crowdfundinside)

5/11/2018 A review of OnDeck Q1 2018 earnings results. (LendAcademy)
5/10/2018 LendingClub Q1 2018 Earnings Results Review. (LendAcademy)

5/9/2018 An interview with former Lending Club boss, Renaud Laplanche about his vision for online lending 2.0. (altfi)

5/8/2018 Kabbage’s Acquisition of Orchard Officially Closes. (Crowdfundinside)

5/2/2018 RateSetter opens transfers-in for IFISA. (altfi)

5/2/2018 Kabbage Appoints James Chou As CTO Amid Orchard Acquisition. (Crowdfund Inside)

5/1/2018 P2P platform RateSetter tweaks rolling market. (altfi)


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