Here are some of the top online lending news, stories and trends of June 2018 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News:

6/29/2018 Why is fintech favored by high net worth investors? (Altfi)

6/28/2018 Digital Banking? Look To Asia And Africa For Leaders. (Forbes)

6/27/2018 Saving By the Numbers: Tips for Managing Savings at Every Age. (Prosper Loans)

6/26/2018 Wealth managers eye brave new world of AI. (Altfi)

6/25/2018 As the market matures, the number of participants in most countries is shrinking. Phillip Toth of Oberon Securities explains why. (Altfi)

6/22/2018 AltFi Data adds first balance sheet lender. (Altfi)

6/22/2018 A new report from Forbes Insights and Temenos reveals the traditional wealth management industry is rapidly coming round to digital technologies. (Altfi)

6/21/2018 Great Q&A with MLADirector about the marketplacelending industry and the regulatory and legislative agenda for the marketplace lending association (MLA). (Prosper Loans)

6/20/2018 Morgan Stanley is training hundreds of digital-first advisers. (American Banker)

6/20/2018 How is blockchain impacting small business banking? (MonJa blog)

6/19/2018 Fellow Finance expands into Sweden. (Altfi)

6/18/2018 RateSetter, P2P firm is eyeing a £30m fundraise claims report. (Altfi)

6/15/2018 Monzo becomes the first bank to directly integrate with IFTTT. (Altfi)

6/14/2018 In California the state senate has passed a bill that would require online lenders to disclose the price of financing in a way that enables borrowers to compare multiple offers. (American Banker)

6/14/2018 Key Takeaways from American Banker’s Digital Banking Conference. (LendAcademy)

6/12/2018 Brexit plan: LendInvest to boost Luxembourg presence. (Altfi

6/12/2018 Barcelona is establishing itself as a major technology and innovation hub. (Altfi)

6/11/2018 Fintech lender MarketInvoice nabs CTO from top US robo-advisor. (Altfi)

6/8/2018 Top Banking Takeaways From The 2018 Internet Trends Report. (Financial Brand)

6/7/2018 Small banks and why they need to adapt to the latest in artificial intelligence and machine language. Read why there needs to be a change in the mindset and why AI and ML should become part of the Banks’ core technology. (MonJa blog)

6/6/2018 Antony Jenkins, 10x Banking founder and former Barclays CEO, discusses how new financial technology can will improve banking and investment. (Bloomberg)

6/5/2018 Renew Financial Appoints Prosper Vet Kirk Inglis As New CEO. (Crowdfund Insider)

6/5/2018 New Report on the Impact of Online Lenders on Small Businesses. (LendAcademy)

6/4/2018 International P2P Lending Volumes are out for May 2018. (P2P-Banking)

6/4/2018 Central Bankers Versus the Market: Who Would Lend Better? (WSJ)

6/4/2018 Goldman Sachs Shares Their Vision for the Future of the Marcus Platform. (LendAcademy)

6/1/2018 18-24 year-olds trust Amazon and PayPal above banks, according to a new study. (Altfi)

Platform News:

6/21/2018 Financial technology Godfather Ron Suber challenges people at all stages to approach each day with intention.

6/19/2018 28 days later…Assetz Capital’s rate rise attracts £10m. (Altfi)

6/18/2018 Ranger Direct Lending chairman bows out. (Altfi)

6/13/2018 Funding Circle loans create 75,000 #jobs globally in 2017. (Altfi)

6/8/2018 P2P business lender Funding Circle will no longer allow retail investors to download its loan book. (Altfi)

6/7/2018 The leading #P2P lender is transitioning to quarterly reporting just days after updates to the P2PFA’s operating principles. (Altfi)

6/1/2018 Thincats hires new head of credit. (Altfi)


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