Here are some of the top online lending news, stories and trends of July 2018 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News:

7/3/2018 “Equifax research reveals that a significant proportion of UK consumers would be up for sharing their data…” (AltFi News)

7/4/2018 Amazon has already made some moves to fintech. What are they speculated to do next? (Lend Academy)

7/5/2018 What innovation strategy should banks avoid? (American Banker)

7/6/2018 What are the 5 trends driving the fintech revolution? (Forbes)

7/9/2018 Fintech companies originated 36% of total personal loans in 2017. (Crowdfundinside)

7/9/2018 Mastercard partners with U.S. fintech strands to provide issuing banks with digital cash management & commercial payment tools platform. (Crowdfundinside)

7/10/2018 “There is more change happening in fintech today than ever before but here are five themes that are particularly exciting.” (Lend Academy)

7/12/2018 Leading property lender to use selfies for ID checks. (Altfi News)

7/13/2018 The banking industry is entering a golden age of successful fintech partnerships. (American Banker)

7/13/2018 “When it comes to online lending, size matters.” Read more about the results from the Deloitte Cost of Capital Survey. (Crowdfundinside)

7/16/2018 BankThink regulators have their eye on AI. (American Banker)

7/17/2018 What does quarter 2 say about the outlook for consumer credit? Find out here. (American Banker)

7/18/2018 Crypto is experiencing dramatic growth – but where are the women? (Crowdfund Insider)

7/19/2018 The Monetary Policy Subcommittee held a hearing today addressing the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. (Crowdfund Insider)

7/19/2018 The banking industry sorely underestimates the impact of digital disruption. (The Financial Brand)

7/20/2018 The insane amounts of data we’re using every minute. (Entrepreneur)

7/23/2018 The UK’s digital banks may be profitable sooner than you think. (Altfi News)

7/24/2018 Fintech leaders send a letter to SEC Chair Jay Clayton demanding an increase in Regulation Crowdfunding to $20 Million. (Crowdfund Insider)

7/25/2018 Can fintech solve the U.S. healthcare crisis? (Forbes)

7/27/2018 FCA review live reaction: rule changes in #P2P, ‘significant improvements’ needed from some platforms. (Altfi News)

7/30/2018 Funding Circle: Majority of UK small businesses would vote remain in a second referendum. (Altfi News)

7/31/2018 US Department of Treasury Report on Fintech makes recommendations to boost innovation, advocates on behalf of regulatory harmonization. (Crowdfund Insider)

7/31/2018 How can P2P lenders and other online lending investment platforms bolster investor confidence? A veteran multi-asset fund manager offers some advice. (Altfi News)


Platform News:

7/2/2018 SoFi’s Latest Product Called “SoFi Money” is here. (LendAcademy)

7/2/2018 P2P lender Zopa returns to profitability and turned a £1.5m profit in 2017 on the back of significant revenue growth. (AltFi News)

7/10/2018 Ranger Direct Lending fund appoints new director. (Altfi News)

7/11/2018 Lendy receives full FCA authorization. (Altfi News)

7/12/2018 Funding Circle fund pivots away from US exposure, eyes British Business Bank partnership. (Altfi News)

7/16/2018 OnDeck appoints Stephen Klimas as new head of Investor Relations. (Crowdfundinsider)

7/17/2018 Lending Club appoints new Chief Lending Officer. (Altfi News)

7/18/2018 LendingClub turns to outsider to oversee credit operations. (American Banker)

7/20/2018 Challenger bank and Fintex Capital invest in ex-Lending Club CEO’s venture. (Altfi News)

7/24/2018 Prosper shares portfolio performance update for June 2018. (Prosper Loans)

7/25/2018 Revolut plans to bring consumer loans in-house. (Altfi News)

7/26/2018 Funding Circle fund ups CitiBank facility by £16m. (Altfi News)

7/26/2018 Prosper to begin providing historical return data for each Prosper rating. (Prosper Loans)7/27/2018 Prosper reaches important milestone with over 1 million loans originated. (Prosper Loans)


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