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Another productive month passed by so fast. Did you know that April is the National Financial Literacy Month in the United States? Please read some of the most exciting marketplace lending news we’ve gathered all in one place for your convenience. This month FundingSecure launches IFISA, Peter Renton talks about 5 success factors for New Lending Club and Prosper Investors, Lending Club unveils the investor app, Renaud Laplanche is back in the game with Consumer Credit Platform called Upgrade. Please enjoy!

Industry News:

04-01-2017- Comparing Costs For A Marketplace Loan Vs. A Bank Loan (Nasdaq)

04-02-2017- Yo Shibata, Co-Founder of Crowdport, Updates on “Social Lending” Status in Japan (Crowdfund Insider)

04-03-2017- Banks “no longer fear” marketplace and P2P lenders and robo

advice, finds study (altfi)

04-04-2017- How I am Investing in Lending Club and Prosper in 2017 (Lend Academy)

04-06-2017- Top 10 Fintech Lending Companies and Their Worth (TechBullion)

04-07-2017- LendingRobot launches fund for institutional investors in P2P and marketplace lending (altfi)

04-10-2017- The Keys to Success: From Females in Fintech (Lend Academy)

04-24-2017- An obscure regulatory debate has put the entire U.S. fintech community on edge (TechCrunch)

04-24-2017- Alternative Finance And The Rise Of The Fintech Unicorn (Forbes)

04-24-2017- The Five Key Elements for New Lending Club and Prosper Investors (Lend Academy)

04-26-2017- P2PFA Publishes Q1 Peer to Peer Lending Data: “Impressive Expansion in Lending Volumes” (Crowdfund Insider)

Platform News:

04-04-2017- ApplePie Capital CEO & Co-Founder Denise Thomas Makes Marketplace Lending Success Look Easy (Crowdfund Insider)

04-05-2017- Kabbage Exceeds $3 Billion Mark, Lends to over 100,000 SMEs (Crowdfund Insider)

04-06-2017- Back in the Game: Renaud Laplanche Launches Upgrade, a Consumer Credit Platform [u] (Crowdfund Insider)

04-06-2017- Renaud Laplanche is Back with a New Consumer Lending Platform Called Upgrade (Lend Academy)

04-10-2017- Online Lender Spotcap Launches Fintech Fellowship for Aspiring UK Graduate Students (Crowdfund Insider)

04-11-2017- Biz2Credit March 2017 Report: Small Biz Lending Approval Improve at Institutional Investors & Small Banks But Stalls at Big Banks (Crowdfund Insider)

04-11-2017- Kabbage Co-Founder & Head Fintecher Kathryn Petralia: Power Lending, Predictions & ProgressImprove at Institutional Investors & Small Banks But Stalls at Big Banks (Crowdfund Insider)

04-13-2017- Assetz Capital raises P2P interest rates for investors (altfi)

04-13-2017- SoFi Introduces New Two-Step Verification Feature to Offer Users Next Level of Account Protection (Crowdfund Insider)

04-13-2017- MarketInvoice reports record growth in Q1 (altfi)

04-17-2017-China Rapid Finance will be the Fifth Online Lender to IPO in the US (Lend Academy)

04-18-2017- Leading US marketplace lender unveils investor app (altfi)

04-19-2017- Peer-to-peer lender FundingSecure launches IFISA (altfi)

04-25-2017- Chatting with Brew & Brett, Co-Founders of PeerStreet, Revolutionizing the Game of Marketplace Lending (SIMPLE.INNOVATIVE.CHANGE)

04-28-2017-Assetz Capital Expansion Continues with New Hire for South Wales (Crowdfund Insider)

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