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Online Lending Monthly News

Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of January 2023 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

1/3/2023 Here are Europe’s biggest fintech funding rounds of 2022 (AltFiNews)

1/4/2023 Fintech’s biggest hires and departures of 2022 (AltfiNews)

1/4/2023 Fintech among most popular sectors for Seedrs investors (p2pfinancenews)

1/5/2023 What fintech trends should we look out for in 2023 (FintechMagazine)

1/6/2023 Five trends to watch in fourth-quarter bank earnings (AmerBanker)

1/9/2023 How can fintech startups outlast the VC winter? (TechCrunch)

1/10/2023 5 Best Short-Term Investments for Generating Income (USNews)

1/11/2023 BankThink An innovation arms race: The case for a digital dollar (AmerBanker)

1/12/2023 What is a peer-to-peer loan and how do they work? (FortuneMagazine)

1/12/2023 The AI future is upon us but how can financial regulation adapt and learn?  (AltFiNews)

1/18/2023 Where Fintech’s M&A Happen Will Happen In 2023 (Forbes)

1/19/2023 Merchants battle against the costs of cashless (FintechNexus)

1/23/2023 Banks Plan Payment Wallet to Compete With PayPal, Apple Pay (WSJ)

1/24/2023 Amazon to ‘Significantly Expand’ Use of Stripe (Pymnts)

1/25/2023 In The Pipeline: 3 Fintech Predictions For 2023 (Forbes)

1/25/2023 PayPal, Bold Commerce team for instant checkout (AmerBanker)

1/26/2023 Deposit race among banks kicks into higher gear (AmerBanker)

1/26/2023 Mastercard Stock Likely To Top The Earnings Consensus In Q4 (Forbes)

1/27/2023 Should fintech lean into SPACs? (FintechNexus)

1/27/2023 Fintech: 10 Expert Predictions For 2023 (Forbes)

1/30/2023 P2P most popular among mid-income investors (p2pfinancenews)

1/31/2023 Why Gen Z sees money differently than other generations (tearsheetco)

Platform News

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