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MonJa Performance Analytics

Your platform loan portfolio data tells you what happened. MonJa helps with what to do next.

MonJa’s analytics provide actionable insights and help draw conclusions on what to do next. Our analytics focus on predictive credit modeling and portfolio analytics. We use data to go beyond reporting past and current performance. Our risk analytics focus on segmentation, predictive modeling, and macro scenario analysis for your P2P loan portfolios.

We use data to help increase returns, not just report it.

Today, we’d like to introduce two customizable and interactive modules that offer insights that fund managers can act on. With MonJa’s analytics, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine which platforms are worth investing and likely to give you a higher return
  • Identify where your returns are coming from and construct the most effective investment strategy

Multi-Platform Return Forecast: Which Platform Has the Highest Returns?

The Multi-Platform Return Forecast Tool compares the forecasted return and loss rates across different platforms, loan type, term, and grade. Portfolio allocation of loans requires accurately benchmarking the returns of different supplies of loans; this tool helps you select the highest return origination pools while balancing the downside risk from delinquency and defaults.

Performance Attribution: Quantify Investment Process Value-Add

The Performance Attribution Tool allows you to understand the drivers of investment performance in a multi-platform loan portfolio. It quantifies the effects of a portfolio manager’s portfolio construction and selection strategies on the fund’s performance relative to its benchmark.

The report provides data-driven recommendations on different components that contributed to the portfolio’s performance. With a modified Brinson-Fachler methodology, our performance attribution models evaluate performance with a hierarchical allocation and selection decomposition to help investors understand the drivers of return in their portfolios.

The Performance Attribution tool attributes return to each investment decision, helping you refine investment strategies based on what has worked so far.  Combined with the return forecasting tool, the MonJa platform helps you to regularly tune your investment allocation for the most optimal return and risk profile.

Benchmarking: Track and Improve Performance

Gain insights on your performance through MonJa’s Standard & Customized Benchmarking. With this tool, you’ll be able to identify any performance gaps and compare your portfolio holdings from different vintages through our interactive dashboard.

As a MonJa user, you’ll benefit from the range of analytics and flexible user interface that lets you customize, segment data, and model key risk events scenarios.

If you would like to see a demo, please reach out to us.
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