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Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of February 2021 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

2/3/2021 Fast-tracked PPP forgiveness provided unexpected earnings lift. (American Banker) 

2/4/2021 SPACs Become the Go To Listing Vehicle for Fintech Companies. (LendAcademy)

2/5/2021 Top 5 Fintech Trends That Will Shape Financial Markets in 2021. (Entrepreneur) 

2/5/2021 Visa Reveals Bitcoin And Crypto Banking Roadmap Amid Race To Reach Network Of 70 Million. (Forbes) 

2/8/2021 PayPal Reportedly Launches Business Unit Specifically Dedicated to Cryptocurrency. (CrowdfundInsider) 

2/8/2021 Tesla buys $1.5B in bitcoin, may accept the cryptocurrency as payment in the future. (TechCrunch) 

2/9/2021 Curve Appoints Former CreditEase Managing Partner Anju Patwardhan As Non-Executive Director to the Board. (CrowdfundInsider) 

2/10/2021 Finch Capital raises €150m for fintech fund targeting later stage start-ups. (AltFiNews)

2/10/2021 More women invested in alternative loans in Europe in 2020. (p2pfinancenews)

2/11/2021 Will Apple Be the Next Big Corporation to Get into Bitcoin? (CrowdfundInsider) 

2/11/2021 Mastercard to support cryptocurrencies. (American Banker) 

2/15/2021 Why the real value of crypto isn’t the price. (AltFiNews) 

2/15/2021 Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021. (Forbes) 

2/16/2021 Two more fintech companies announced last week they will be going public via SPACs. (LendAcademy) 

2/16/2021 App-Based Bank Atom Bank Joins Forces With Plaid to Roll Out Open Banking Services to Customers. (Crowdfund Insider) 

2/17/2021 The Evolution Of Planet Fintech. (Forbes) 

2/17/2021 Plaid and Atom Bank ink open banking deal for SME lending. (AltFiNews) 

2/19/2021 Safello will use Klarna’s open banking-powered payment solution to let its users buy crypto. (AltFiNews)

2/19/2021 Two more fintech companies announced last week they will be going public via SPACs. (LendAcademy)

2/24/2021 BNY Mellon embraces crypto. (American Banker)

2/25/2021 5 steps to take now to save more and reduce debt and how P2P can help. (Forbes)

2/25/2021 Kabbage Co-Founder Muses On Alt Lending, Fintech Trends, And More. (Forbes) 

Platform News

2/1/2021 LendingClub Has Acquired Radius Bank. (LendAcademy) 

2/12/2021 Former SoFi CEO starting blank-check company to raise $250 million. (American Banker) 

2/12/2021 Monzo refocuses on America with first female CEO. (AltFiNews) 

2/18/2021 Assetz promises a return to manual lending within months. (p2pfinancenews) 

2/22/2021 Mark Carney joins Stripe board. (AltFiNews) 

2/23/2021 LendingClub Launches Founders Savings Accounts. (LendAcademy) 

2/24/2021 Klarna said to be raising $1bn at $31bn valuation. (AltFiNews) [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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