Here are some of the top stories and trends of February 2019 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

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2/1/2019 Financial Institutions See Huge Payoffs For Digital Investments. (FinancialBrand)

2/5/2019 Starling launches euro account as UK prepares for Brexit. (Altfi)

2/5/2019 The Future Of Lending: Fintech 50 in 2019 (Forbes)

2/6/2019 Growth Street Reports: Investor Return Up By 16.7% in 2018 Through P2P Investment Platform. (CrowdfundInside)

2/6/2019 Global investors double fintech funding to record $31bn in 2018. (AltFi)

2/7/2019 Fintech data firm raises $15m for new product push. (AltFi)

2/8/2019 The Industry Responds to FDIC Small Dollar Lending Rule Request (LendAcademy)

2/11/2019 Cost savings are driving the adoption of #blockchain in the finance industry. (AltFi)

2/12/2019 UK fintech Investment hits new highs as industry matures ahead of Europe. (AltFi)

2/13/2019 Well Fargo Outage Points to Opportunity in Digital Banking. (LendAcademy)

2/14/2019 Who’s Winning The P2P Payments War? (Forbes)

2/14/2019 What technology trends will matter most in the months and years ahead? (FinancialBrand)

2/14/2019 Why venture capitalists love fintechs. (AmericanBanker)

2/19/2019 39 FinTech Unicorns Valued at $147.37 billion (ChrisSkinner)

2/21/2019 Apple, Goldman Sachs Team Up on Credit Card Paired With iPhone. (WSJ)

2/22/2019 Lending has long paved the way for automation and process improvements. Read about new areas on the horizon of underwriting tech. (MonJa)

2/22/2019 Banks Continue to Dive, While #Fintechs Rise When it Comes to Consumer Lending. (CrowdfundInside)

2/25/2019 Will crypto lending need to find new customers and use cases to hit the big time? (Tearsheet)

2/25/2019 The Gig Economy: Embedding Freelance Workers into Modern Lending Practices. (CrowdfundInside)

2/26/2019 An interesting #fintech/bank partnership announced today with Neptune Financial partnering with HSBC to help the bank attack middle market lending. (AmericanBanker)

Platform News

2/1/2019 Zopa passes £4bn milestone. (Altfi)

2/7/2019 Is SoFi Money the Bank Account of the Future? (LendAcademy)

2/8/2019 Assetz Capital Co-Founder Andrew Holgate Forms Fintech Advisory Firm Equitivo. (CrowdfundInside)

2/12/2019 OnDeck Q4 2018 Earnings Review. (LendAcademy)

2/15/2019 OnDeck Announces Addition of Experienced Risk, Partnerships & Marketing Executives to Growing Team. (CrowdfundInside)

2/15/2019 Assetz Capital tops £700m lending milestone. (AltFi)

2/19/2019 Former Assetz Capital founder’s new consultancy hired for blockchain project. (AltFi)

2/20/2019 Zopa’s Latest Report Reveals 1 in 3 Brits in the Dark on Cash ISA Rate. (CrowdfundInside)

2/20/2019 Losses narrow at LendingClub, but warns of ‘uncertainty’ ahead. (AltFi)

2/21/2019 LendingClub Reports 2018 Results and Guidance for 2019. (LendAcademy)

2/26/2019 Funding Circle fund adds firepower for buyback strategy. (AltFi)

2/26/2019 SoFi Set to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Through Partnership With Coinbase; Now Offering Two New Products SoFi Money & SoFi Invest. (CrowdfundInside)

2/27/2019 SoFi to offer zero-fee ETFs. (CNBC)

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