Online Lending Monthly News. Here are some of the top stories and trends of March 2023 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News

3/1/2023 Wise hits 16m customers and reveals rebrand to bolster global expansion (AltFiNews)

3/2/2023 P2P Lender FOLK2FOLK Joins Financial Intermediary & Broker Association (CrowdfundInsider) 

3/3/2023 Emerging markets bring payment opportunities…if done right (Fintechnexus) 

3/7/2023 As Europe turns cashless, what happens to cash? (Fintechnexus) 

3/7/2023 Mintos originator IuteCredit sees profits triple (p2pfinancenews) 

3/8/2023 7 investors reveal what’s hot in fintech in Q1 2023 (TechCrunch) 

3/8/2023 Is the U.S. ready for an AI revolution? (Fintechnexus) 

3/9/2023 7 investors reveal what’s hot in fintech in Q1 2023 (TechCrunch) 

3/13/2023 Treasury, FDIC, Federal Reserve Announce Action to Protect All Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank in New York (CrowdfundInsider) 

3/14/2023 12 Most Promising Fintech Stocks To Buy (YahooLife) 

3/14/2023 Small banks, credit unions work to quell panic after Silicon Valley Bank fails (AmerBanker) 

3/15/2023 New Silicon Valley Bank CEO: “We’re open for business” (AltFiNews) 

3/16/2023 Inflation Creates Secret Opportunities In Fintech (Forbes) 

3/21/2023 Five rising payments reward concepts funded by merchants (AmerBanker) 

3/24/2023 “Big banks have bounced back”: An interview with Teo Blidarus, CEO of Fintech OS (AltfiNews) 

3/24/2023 P2P platforms raise minimum investment thresholds (p2pfinancenews) 

3/27/2023 P2P lending retains its edge as base rate rises (p2pfinancenews) 

3/27/2023 Lenders find more uses for alternative credit data (AmerBanker) 

3/28/2023 Malaysia sees strong growth in P2P lending (p2pfinancenews) 

3/28/2023 Top fintech trends to watch in 2023 (FintechNexus) 

3/29/2023 After much delay, Apple finally launches Apple Pay Later (TechCrunch) 

3/29/2023 The Most Influential Women in Payments, 2023 (AmerBanker) 

3/31/2023 SMEs faster to adopt open banking than consumers (p2pfinancenews)

Platform News

3/1/2023 Revolut finally reveals 2021 accounts showing first annual profits (AltFiNews) 

3/2/2023 $33 billion fintech giant Revolut reports first-ever annual profit (CNBC) 

3/6/2023 Neobank Revolut Reports Profitable 2021 After Audit Criticism (Forbes)

3/20/2023 Stripe raises $6.5bn downround, partners with OpenAi on GPT4 product (AltFiNews) 

3/21/2023 Prosper’s average loan size dips in February (p2pfinancenews) 

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