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Here are some of the top online lending news, stories and trends of August 2018 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News:

08/01/2018 Six takeaways from the Treasury fintech report: National charter, breaches and more. (AmericanBanker)

8/1/2018 Trump Administration embraces fintech startups. (WSJ)

8/1/2018 Here are 5 questions to ask your lending automation vendor. (MonJa blog)

8/6/2018 Why Facebook Messenger wants your banking information. (CrowdfundInsider)

8/7/2018 US Treasury makes 80 recommendations to foster fintech innovation. (Tech HQ)

8/7/2018 Regulators band together to launch global fintech network. (AltFi)

8/7/2018 Banks, VC firms pour more money into fintechs. (American Banker)

8/9/2018 Could Europe become a fintech hub? (Entrepreneur)

8/10/2018 Apple Pay to account for 1 in 2 contactless mobile wallet users by 2020. (Tech Crunch)

8/10/2018 An interesting read on marketplace lending and how it benefits borrowers. (Crowdfund Insider)

8/13/2018 RateSetter partnership with CommuterClub ends. (AltFi)

8/14/2018 What’s missing from the OCC’s fintech charter? (American Banker)

8/15/2018 What are your favorite fintech companies? Forbes fintech 50 a call for nominations, 2019. (Forbes)

8/16/2018 A new study by Zopa highlights the unique and unusual quirks shared by British investors. (AltFi)

8/16/2018 How are banks getting support from fintechs? (Entrepreneur)

8/20/2018 Fintech business bank secures £8m fundraise. (AltFi)

8/20/2018 SocietyOne Celebrates Sixth Anniversary; Total Lending Now Approaching $500 Million. (Crowdfund Insider)

8/21/2018 Credit Karma acquires Approved – a platform designed to modernize mortgage lending. (Crowdfund Insider)

8/21/2018 Do you know the top 5 questions to ask your lending automation vendor? (MonJa blog)

8/22/2018 “…banks need to take a page out of the fintech playbook and explore new revenue sources built through data monetization.” Find out what banks can learn from fintech. (American Banker)

8/22/2018 “The bank of the future will have a business model that is designed to win when customers win.” (Lend Academy)

8/23/2018 China moves to bolster it’s economy: “Chinese officials are pushing banks to lend more and allowing indebted local governments to spend money on big projects again.” (NY Times)

8/23/2018 Do you know the eight key components to your financial checkup? (Prosper Loans)

8/24/2018 Will blockchain disrupt the banking sector? (MonJa blog)

8/27/2018 Millennials, not baby boomers, are the future for digital wealth platforms. (AltFi)

8/28/2018 Five ways the World Economic Forum says AI is changing banking. (American Banker)

8/28/2018 The future of banking: Fintech or techfin? (Forbes)

8/29/2018 Speed To Market Is Critical In Small Business Loan Underwriting (MonJa Blog)

8/29/2018 What happens if there is a “no-deal Brexit?” And how would this impact financial services? (CrowdfundInsider)

8/30/2018 Why San Francisco is the fintech capital of America. (CrowdfundInsider)

8/30/2018 Renaud Laplanche’s journey from scandal to second act. (American Banker)

8/31/2018 Good prices or good service: What ultimately keeps online-only banking customers? (American Banker)

Platform News:

8/3/2018 Zopa Raises £44 Million to Help Fuel Expansion and announced, “Launching Our Bank is a Key Next Step”. (CrowdfundInsider)

8/3/2018 PeerIQ Releases Q2 2018 Marketplace Lending Securitization Tracker. (LendAcademy)

8/6/2018 Zopa has teamed up with CommuterClub to cut the cost of commuting.(AltFi)

8/8/2018 LendingClub releases Q2 earnings: Originations increase 31% YoY, Net Revenue rises 27%. (Crowdfund Inside)

8/8/2018 OnDeck reports record profit in 2Q, eyes second bank partnership. (American Banker)

8/9/2018 OnDeck Closes a $175 Million Asset-Backed Revolving Credit Facility.(Crowdfund Insider)

8/13/2018 A roundup of Q2 2018 earnings: GreenSky, OnDeck, LendingClub. (Lend Academy)

8/14/2018 OnDeck passes $9bn milestone with thanks from Down Under. (AltFi)

8/15/2018 A summary of Prosper’s Q2 2018 financials. (Lend Academy)

8/16/2018 Former HSBC Corporate Banking head joins P2P platform Lendy as Non-Executive Director. (AltFi)

8/17/2018 LendingClub to Issue 30 Million New Shares as Part of Equity Incentive / Employee Stock Purchase Plan. (Crowdfund Insider)

8/23/2018 Renaud LaPlanche’s Online Lending Venture Upgrade Closes on $62 Million Series C. (Crowdfund Insider)

8/24/2018 Prosper Performance Update: July 2018. (Prosper Loans)

8/27/2018 Victory Park Capital fund holds steady with dividend, eyes performance fee. (AltFi)

8/29/2018 Assetz Capital names ex-banker as new chief risk officer. (AltFi)

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