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Here are some of the top online lending news, stories and trends of September 2018 for online lending investors and industry watchers.

Industry News:

9/4/2018 P2P fund sees best 2018 month of returns. (AltFiNews)

9/5/2018 U.S. Bank, Wells, Citi and Great Western: Bankers on the move. (AmerBanker)

9/6/2018 How is fintech transforming microfinance? (whartonknows)

9/7/2018 Hong Kong’s digital banking push pits tech newcomers against old-guard lenders. (Reuters)

9/7/2018 Marketplace Lending News Roundup – September 1. (LendAcademy)

9/10/2018 Will Bitcoin Reach $96,000 By 2023? (Forbes)

9/11/2018 Who can sell what when Funding Circle starts trading? (AltFiNews)

9/12/2018 N.Y. regulators have approved two cryptocurrencies. Now what? (AmerBanker)

9/13/2018 Dan Quan, Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shares what he thinks the CFPB’s sandbox should look like. (AmerBanker)

9/13/2018 Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading for Clients. (Bloomberg)

9/14/2018 IBM releases open blockchain directory. (AltFiNews)

9/14/2018 Fintech Banks Are Coming. (Forbes)

9/17/2018 Renaud Laplanche’s Different Approach at Upgrade. (CNBC)

9/18/2018 The CEO of LoanDepot says “it is not if but when…Amazon and Google enter the mortgage business”. (AmerBanker)

9/18/2018 Property lending platform joins P2PFA. (AltFiNews)

9/20/2018 Wells Fargo to cut up to 26,000 jobs within three years. (AmerBanker)

9/20/2018 Digital wealth manager launches partnership with venture capital firm. (AltFiNews)

9/21/2018 Treasury Committee call for crypto regulations. (AltFiNews)

9/21/2018 Is Loyalty the Key for Amazon Becoming a Successful Bank? (LendAcademy)

9/25/2018 U.S. Bank takes on #fintechs with new online loans, card for small businesses. (AmerBanker)

9/26/2018 This banking app is signing up 20,000 new customers every week. (AltFiNews)

9/27/2018 New study finds “robo-advice and automated investment management services are overwhelmingly more popular with younger investors”. (AltFiNews)

9/28/2018 “The bank of the future will have a business model that is designed to win when customers win.” (LendAcademy)

Platform News:

9/4/2018 Peer-to-peer lender Funding Circle to list on London exchange. (Reuters)

9/6/2018 Funding Circle has filed registration papers with the London Stock Exchange to go public. (LendAcademy)

9/10/2018 Funding Circle confirms intermediaries for IPO. (AltFiNews)

9/11/2018 Lending Club CEO: “US’s and China’s P2P lending need clearer regulation and communication”. (technodechina)

9/12/2018 OnDeck Milestone: Small Business Online Lending Tops $10 Billion. (crowdfundinside)

9/17/2018 Zopa boosts rates for investors.(AltFiNews)

9/18/2018 LendInvest raises $39.5M to grow its P2P property finance platform. (TechCrunch)

9/19/2018 P2P lender Funding Circle to be valued up to $2.4 billion after IPO. (CNBC)

9/19/2018 An interview with the P2PFA’s newest member, CrowdProperty. (AltFiNews)

9/24/2018 P2P lender Fellow Finance plans to go public. (AltFiNews)

9/24/2018 Digital Bank Revolut Reports 5X Jump in Top Line Revenue, Users Now Over 1.3 Million. (crowdfundinside)

9/25/2018 Prosper shares performance data from the Prosper Portfolio for August 2018. (ProsperLoans)

9/26/2018 P2P Investment Platform Orca Money Surpasses £500,000 Funding Target on Seedrs. (crowdfundinside)

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