Here are some of the stories and trends that took place this September in marketplace lending. Please enjoy!

Industry News:

09-01-2017- Fintech’s busiest board member lands another role (altfi)

09-05-2017- Upstart 50 Master Ron Suber is a central figure in Bay Area fintech  (Biz Journals)

09-09-2017- How To Use A Peer-To-Peer Loan To Pay Off High-Interest Debt (Forbes)

09-10-2017- Lend360: Fintech is No longer a Boutique Financing Option, but a Key Component of Lending Market (Crowdfund Insider)  

09-11-2017- Alternative assets industry hits record size in 2016 (altfi)

09-11-2017- Goldman Sachs takes aim at Zopa and Ratesetter (altfi)

09-12-2017- Goldman Banks on Lending to Grow (WSJ)  

09-13-2017- Why target millennials when retirees have all the money? (altfi)

09-14-2017- A recap of Goldman’s summer siege on fintech lending

(altfi) 09-14-2017- Lend360 Forms Small Business Lending Advisory Committee (Crowdfund Insider)  

09-14-2017- Betterment Partners with BlackRock and Goldman Sachs Asset Management (altfi)

09-15-2017- Did Lending Just Change for Good? (Crowdfund Insider)  09-19-2017- Inside MonJa’s Loan Portfolio Optimization (MonJa)  

09-19-2017- A Manifesto to All Men: We Have to Do Better (Lend Academy)   

09-19-2017- Managing innovation in banking (BANKNXT)


09-24-2017- Fed News, Prosper Financing, ABS East Highlights (PeerIQ Blog)

09-25-2017- Why demand for alternatives is increasing from investors (altfi)

09-24-2017- How to Survive Wall Street’s Robot Revolution (Bloomberg)

09-26-2017- Why can’t banks do what Prosper does? And why can’t investors do what MonJa does? (MonJa Blog)

09-27-2017- Face value: Could the iphone X facial recognition tech revolutionise credit underwriting? (altfi)

09-28-2017- Technology Giants Pose Major Threat to Banking Industry (The Financial Brand)  

09-28-2017- Orchard’s Online Lending Ecosystem Update: “Lendscape” (Crowdfund Insider)  

09-28-2017- P2P Lending: What is it? How has it grown? And it’s attractiveness as an Asset Class (Orca Money)

Platform News:

09-01-2017- OnDeck Celebrates 10 Years of Online Lending (Crowdfund Insider)  

09-05-2017- Marketplace Lenders Lending Club and Prosper Respond to Hurricane Harvey (altfi)

09-06-2017- Laplanche’s new fintech lender poaches Western Union executive  (altfi)

09-11-2017- Lending Club Announces Launch of Next Generation Credit Model (Lend Academy)  

09-12-2017- SoFi CEO Mike Cagney to step down (altfi)

09-18-2017- Goldman expects to hold $28bn of online loans on balance sheet by 2020 (altfi)

09-18-2017- Funding Circle New Lending Options Go Into Effect (Crowdfund Insider)  

09-18-2017- Finding success across Asia’s disparate fintech markets (altfi)

09-22-2017- Prosper Closes on a $50 Million Funding Round at a $550 Million Valuation (Lend Academy)

09-27-2017- Online Lender Funding Circle Releases FY 16 Results (Crowdfund Insider)  

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