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Here are some of the top stories and trends of October 2016 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

Industry News:

10-02-2016- Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance Holds Standout Inaugural Conference (Crowdfund Insider)

10-03-2016- International P2P Lending Services – Loan Volumes September 2016 (p2p-banking)

10-04-2016- Oleg Seydak on Blackmoon & Marketplace Lending as a Service (Crowdfund Insider)

10-05-2016- Securitisation to play key role in marketplace lending sector’s growth, says Moody’s (altfi)

10-05-2016- Congressman Patrick McHenry: “I will continue to work on the three Fintech bills I’ve now introduced” (Crowdfund Insider)

10-06-2016- China P2P Loans Brief: Record High September (Crowdfund Insider)

10-07-2016- P2P Lender Viventor Says Average Monthly Growth Stands at 60% (Crowdfund Insider)

10-09-2016- UK P2P Finance Association Releases Major Research on Economics of Peer to Peer Lending (Crowdfund Insider)

10-10-2016- Ranger Direct Lending fund adds AltFi Data’s p2p benchmark index (altfi)

10-11-2016- Lord Adair Turner: Direct Lending May Make the Financial System More Stable (Crowdfund Insider)

10-12-2016- Alternative credit growth could make the economy safer, says Lord Turner (altfi)

10-13-2016- P2P Platform Lending Works Receives Full FCA Authorization (Crowdfund Insider)

10-13-2016- How tech and data are transforming the lending landscape (VB Live) (VB)

10-13-2016- Goldman’s Online Consumer-Lending Platform Goes Live (WSJ) 10-13-2016- Goldman Sachs’ Marcus platform goes live for Main Street borrowers (altfi)

10-14-2016- Small Banks and Marketplace Lenders: Unions in Waiting (AB)

10-18-2016- Marketplace Lending: The Challenge of Keeping It Simple And Transparent (Crowdfund Insider)

10-19-2016- Income seekers take note: Alternative credit investment trusts the highest yielding in UK market (altfi)

10-19-2016- Here’s Why Fintech Will Continue to See Rapid Growth (GS, BBVA) (Investopedia)

10-20-2016- Online Lenders Seek to Shape Industry Before Regulators Do (New York Times)

10-24-2016- From Wall Street to Main Street: How will Goldman’s new consumer product, Marcus, fare? (MonJa blog)

10-24-2016- KPMG & H2 Ventures Announce Third Annual Fintech 100 List (Crowdfund Insider)

10-24-2016- China challenges London’s fintech lead (Financial Times)  

10-26-2016- Can Fintech Prevent The Next Financial Crisis? (Forbes)

10-26-2016- The State of the Industry: Prosper President, Ron Suber Examines the Past, Present and Future of FinTech (Lending Times)

10-30-2016- Ron Suber: “Victory Goes to the Ones Who Change and Adjust” (Crowdfund Insider)


Platform News:

10-01-2016- Funding Circle CEO says it’s a ‘golden age’ for marketplace lending as revenue jumps 144% (Business Insider)  

10-07-2016- Prosper Launches Credit Card Optimizer to Help Consumers Make Better Financial Decisions (Crowdfund Insider)

10-15-2016- Zopa’s Jaidev Janardana at LendIt Europe: “We Were Profitable in September & We’ll Be Profitable Moving Forward” (Video) (Crowdfund Insider)

10-17-2016- Prosper Performance Update: September 2016 (Prosper blog)

10-19-2016- SoFi, an Online Lender, Is Looking for a Relationship (New York Times)

10-20-2016- Brief: Zopa’s Giles Andrews Named One of Digital Banking Club’s Power 50 (Crowdfund Insider)

10-20-2016- Orchard & OnDeck Partner on Reporting for Institutional Investors (Crowdfund Insider)  

10-24-2016- Lending Club Schedules Earnings Release for November 7th (Crowdfund Insider)

10-24-2016- Canada’s first peer-to-peer lender, Lending Loop, opens doors (Finextra)

10-24-2016- Brief: LendingCrowd Announces P2P Investor Joining Bonus (Crowdfund Insider)

10-25-2016- P2P loan giant Lending Club expands into car refinancing (VB)

10-25-2016- Innovative Lending Platform Association Unveils SMART Box (Lend Academy)

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