We’ve collected some of the most interesting and exciting marketplace lending news that happened during the month. Here they are –  top stories and trends of May 2017 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

Industry News:

05-01-2017- Online lending has reached a tipping point

(Business Insider)

05-05-2017- Small banks warm up to marketplace lending for SBA expansion (American Banker)

05-16-2017- Peer-to-peer lending and direct loan funds: The new face of the hedge fund industry (altfi)

05-26-2017- P2P goes green with RateSetter’s new marketplace (altfi)

Platform News:

05-03-2017- Lendy: 2017 is the Year that P2P Lending Finally Matures

(Crowdfund Insider)  

05-04-2017- Here is the Lending Club Q1 Earnings Deck (Crowdfund Insider)  

05-05-2017- Assetz Capital Pulls in £10m of New Investments with Rate Increase (Crowdfund Insider)

05-09-2017- Leading marketplace lender shifts focus to sophisticated investors, nears £1bn in lending (altfi)

05-09-2017- Lending Club and Marketplace Lending – One Year On from Renaud Laplanche’s Ouster (Lend Academy)

05-11-2017- Zopa becomes the first of the ‘Big 3’ peer-to-peer lenders to be authorised by the City watchdog (Business Insider)

05-13-2017- Due to Strong Investor Demand: Assetz Capital Extends Promotional Rate Increase (Crowdfund Insider)

05-15-2017- SoFi: We Will be the First Unbank – Bank (Video)(Crowdfund Insider)

05-16-2017- SoFi Is Growing Up From Its Student Base to Wealth Management (Fortune)

05-16-2017- LendingClub Appoints Former PayPal Exec Steve Allocca as President (Crowdfund Insider)

05-16-2017- P2P Property Lender Lendy Tops £300 Million. Speed, Security & Low LTVs Key to Growth (Crowdfund Insider)

05-17-2017- Lending Club Increases Minimum Investment to Open an Account to $1,000 (Lend Academy)

05-18-2017- Golden opportunity? Precious metal-secured peer-to-peer lender gets authorised (altfi)

05-23-2017- Futuristic Fintech, With a Female Focus (WSJ)

05-24-2017- LendingClub Celebrates Ten Years of Online Lending (Crowdfund Insider)

05-25-2017- Secured P2P Lender Silver Bullion Reports Topping S$30 Million in Loans (Crowdfund Insider)

05-25-2017- SoFi co-founder Dan Macklin is leaving the company (TechCrunch)

05-26-2017- Singapore’s biggest marketplace lender hits S$40 million originations (altfi)

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