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Here are some of the top stories and trends of June 2016 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

Industry News:

06-03-16− NY financial regulator requests details from 28 online lenders-source (Daily Mail)
06-06-16− The Opportunity in Difficult Times (Lend Academy)
06-09-16− Lending Club, securitisations and proper loan due diligence (Financial Times)
06-10-16− With Lending Club Disgraced, An Industry Looks for Lessons  (NPR)
06-10-16− The Future of Finance is Now (The White House Blog)
06-12-16− Hedge funds are asking for a tool to stop another LendingClub disaster — this company is building it (Business Insider)
06-12-16− The Real Flaw at Online Lenders LendingClub, OnDeck (WSJ)
06-13-16− Is it Time to Invest in Peer-To-Peer Lenders? (Morningstar)
06-13-16 The U.S. Online, Non-Bank Finance Landscape (The Milken Institute)
06-10-16− Latest Threat: Online Lenders Stacking Multiple Loans (Daily Mail)
06-15-16− The great P2P lending slowdown (Financial Times)
06-15-16− Testing the Market for Online Loans in LendingClub’s Wake
06-22-16− Millions of U.S. Consumers Are Escaping Subprime (WSJ)
06-22-16− Bank Regulators Aim at Online Small Business Lending (WSJ)
06-27-16− Brexit Vote May Sting Online Lenders (WSJ)

Platform News:

06-03-16− Online Lender Elevate Credit Sees No First-Quarter Slump (WSJ)
06-03-16− Biz2Credit Set to Offer Online Financing to Thousands of Small & Mid-Sized Companies in India (Crowdfund Insider)
06-06-16− Online Lender Vouch Financial Shutting Down (WSJ)
06-07-16− LendingClub Boosts Interest Rates, Tightens Standards for Loans (Bloomberg)
06-07-16− Lending Club drastically reduces direct mailing (Financial Times)
06-07-16− On Deck and Intuit run joint fund to back loans (CNBC)
06-08-16− Prosper Shuts Off Borrowers From Two Loan Marketing Sites (WSJ)
06-08-16− Ousted CEO Laplanche studies LendingClub Takeover (CNBC)
06-09-16− Prosper Performance Update: May 2016 (Prosper)
06-09-16− LendingClub Held Talks on Funding Deals With Och-Ziff, Soros, Third Point (WSJ)
06-09-16− Online Lender Ascend Taps VCs, Debt in Tough Market (WSJ)
06-10-16− New LendingClub Mistake Shows Loan-Demand Issues Persist (WSJ)
06-11-16− Online Lender’s Secret to Success: Past Failure (WSJ)
06-14-16− Ex-LendingClub Chief Laplanche Sells Part of Stake in Company (Bloomberg)
06-15-16− LendingClub Buys More Loans As Volumes Tick Up (WSJ)
06-20-16− Billionaire Chen’s Shanda Group raises stake in Lending Club (Yahoo Finance)
06-20-16− John Mack Says He Plans to Stay on LendingClub’s Board (Bloomberg)
06-21-16− Prosper Targets Retail Investors Anew After Big Buyers Pull Back (Bloomberg)
06-22-16− Social Finance Bucks Tough Market With $380 Million Consumer-Bond Deal  (WSJ)
06-22-16− SoFi Plans Mortgage Deal to Follow Large Consumer Offering (WSJ)
06-22-16− Kabbage Licenses Its Digital Lending Technology to Scotiabank (American Banker)
06-23-16− Commerzbank launches marketplace lending platforms for SMEs (Finextra)
06-28-16− LendingClub Keeps Giving Investors Reasons Not to Believe (WSJ)
06-28-16− LendingClub to Cut 12% of Its Workforce, as Loan Volumes Fall (WSJ)
06-30-16− Avant Said to Slash Target for Online Lending, Reduce Staff (Bloomberg)

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