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Here are some of the top stories and trends of November 2016 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

Industry News:

11-02-2016- Banks No Longer Make the Bulk of U.S. Mortgages (WSJ)

11-02-2016- Will Fintech Create A New Silicon Valley in Asia? (benzinga)

11-03-2016- Equity Crowdfunding Evangelist Victoria Silchenko: We Have Witnessed Unprecedented Growth in Alternative Finance (Crowdfund Insider)

11-04-2016- SEC Publishes Agenda for Fintech Forum on November 14th  (Crowdfund Insider)

11-09-2016-  What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Fintech? (Crowdfund Insider)

11-11-2016- Half of banking customers now using fintech (CIO)

11-14-2016- 2017 Will Be A Huge Year For Bank Partnerships (Lend Academy)

11-15-2016- Peer-to-Peer Lending — Balancing Investor Supply With Entrepreneur Demand (Forbes)

11-16-2016- Make Way for the Millennial Borrower (The Financial Brand)

11-18-2016- Maples Fund Services Targets Marketplace Lending for Growth (Crowdfund Insider)

11-18-2016- Six Lessons Learned From Co-Founding A FinTech Business (Forbes)

11-21-2016- SEC Releases Agenda for Investor Advisory Committee Meeting (Crowdfund Insider)

11-23-2016- Life After Lending Club: How The Market Is Responding To The Problems Of 2016 (MonJa blog)

11-25-2016- P2P market worth $10bn per year by 2020, suggests study (altfi)

11-29-2016- 4thWay: Why Most P2P Lenders Have Not Yet Offered IFISAs (Crowdfund Insider)

11-29-2016- Why financial health apps are natural allies for marketplace lenders (as long as they’re left independent) (altfi)


Platform News:

11-02-2016- SoFi, Fannie Mae Offer Cash-Out Refi for Student Loans  (National Mortgage News)

11-03-2016- LendingCrowd Milestone: P2P Lender Receives Full FCA Authorisation (Crowdfund Insider)

11-09-2016- Lending Club is on a path to recovery (Business Insider)

11-10-2016- Russian Marketplace Lending Startup Blackmoon Financial Secures $2.5 Million in Equity Funding (Crowdfund Insider)

11-10-2016- Brief: China Rapid Finance Reaches One Million Borrower Milestone (Crowdfund Insider)

11-11-2016- Assetz Capital Reports £15 Million in Interest Paid to Investors (Crowdfund Insider)

11-14-2016- Prosper Marketplace Names David Kimball Chief Executive Officer (Prosper blog)

11-16-2016- Zopa to launch next generation bank (altfi)

11-16-2016- Former Lending Club Chief Is Creating a New Lending Site (NY Times)

11-17-2016- Brief: P2P Lender ThinCats Becomes NACFB Patron (Crowdfund Insider)

11-18-2016- P2P Lender ThinCats Receives Two New Accreditations (Crowdfund Insider)

11-18-2016- Incoming CEO of Online Lender Prosper Aims to Reverse Drop in Loan Activity (WSJ)

11-22-2016- Southern Cross Partners Receives Peer-to-Peer License From The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (Crowdfund Insider)

11-29-2016-Prosper’s Ron Suber Joins eOriginal Advisory Board (Crowdfund Insider)

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