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Here are some of the top stories and trends of January 2016 for marketplace lending investors and industry watchers:

Industry News:

01-31-2016 How Alternative Lenders Are Challenging the Traditional Value of Consumer Credit Ratings (Finance Magnates)-FinTech companies continue to find new ways to measure credit worthiness of borrowers, such as abandoning FICO scores, assessing how applicants fill out their application, and monitoring their data usage on cellphones.

01-29-2016 When Credit Market Concerns Arrive at the Marketplace Lenders (Bloomberg)- Is Lending Club’s hike in interest rates related to recent disruptions in the credit market? MonJa believes that the hike mostly affected lower grades on the platform. Read more about our thoughts here.

01-25-2016 3 Ways Online Marketplace Lenders Can Profit (Experian)

01-24-2016 Financing Marketplace Loans: 10 Things to Know Before Catching the Securitization Wave

01-24-2016 Evolving Nature of P2P Lending (TechCrunch)

01-23-2016 China’s P2P Lending Boom (The Economist)

01-22-2016 Has FinTech reached its Peak? (WSJ)

01-20-2016 Summary of the Treasury Marketplace Lending RFI (ReedSmith)

01-19-2016 Banks Face Losing $150 Billion to Startups (Bloomberg)

12-03-2015 The Consumer Credit Card Market Report (Full Report)  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)—For Section on Marketplace Lending click here. 


Platform News:

01-27-2016 Investigation of Securities Claims Against Lending Club (Business Wire)

01-21-2016 OnDeck’s New Pitching Game (Seeking Alpha)

01-21-2016 OpusBank Enters Into Referral Agreement w/ OnDeck (Business Wire)

01-20-2016 LendUp Secures $150 Million in Funding (PE Hub Network)

01-12-2016 SoFi Ditches FICO (SoFi)

01-07-2016 Prosper’s 2015 Performance (AltFi)

01-06-2016 LoanNow Pulls in $50 Million for Credit Facility (PE Hub Network)

01-05-2016 CommonBond Secures $275 Million in Warehouse Funding Line (AltFi)


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