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Here are some of the stories and trends that took place this November in marketplace lending. Please enjoy!

Industry News:

11-01-2017- Orchard Partners with Bloomberg with Online Lending Data

(Crowdfund Insider)  

11-01-2017- GAFA Will Have a Profound Impact on the Future of Finance (Lend Academy)

11-03-2017- 3 ways incumbent wealth managers can survive digital disruption (altfi)

11-03-2017- Digital Lending Innovation Starts with the Simple Things, Bank of America Says (bank innovation)

11-06-2017- Marketplace lenders balance growth and quality (Banking Exchange)

11-06-2017- PayPal CEO: Fintech will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 30 (CNBC)

11-07-2017- Quarles says Fed taking ‘fresh look’ at regulation, fintech (American Banker)

11-11-2017- 4 Emerging Fintech Trends Relevant to Every Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur)

11-13-2017- Overview of US SMB lenders (alternative lenders) (MonJa Blog)

11-13-2017- Women In Fintech: Normalizing And Celebrating Female Leadership (Forbes)

11-13-2017- Federal Reserve of Cleveland Makes Some Dubious Claims in a Report on P2P Lending (Lend Academy)

11-13-2017- Demands of millennial borrowers underline need for digitisation in lending (altfi)

11-13-2017- Former Capital One Executive Joins Victory Park Capital as Chief Risk Officer (altfi)

11-16-2017- These are the most valuable fintech companies in America (Market Watch)

11-24-2017- Open Banking Will Unlock the Door for Digital-Only Banks (altfi)

11-27-2017- Citi Bank veterans are learning new tricks in alternative finance (altfi)

11-29-2017- Credit Suisse gains majority stake in online European lender  (altfi)

Platform News:

11-02-2017- Growth Street Milestone: P2P Business Lender Surpasses £100 Million of Lending (Crowdfund Insider)  

11-06-2017- OnDeck Q3 2017 Earnings Results Review (altfi)

11-06-2017- Catching Up With LendingPoint (deBanked)

11-07-2017- LendingClub Q3 2017 Earnings – Close to a Return to Profitability (Lend Academy)

11-08-2017- Another Blow to Online Lenders (WSJ)

11-13-2017- SoFi completes largest consumer loan securitization, rolls back asset management ambitions (altfi)

11-13-2017- Prosper Releases Third Quarter 2017 Results: Loan Originations Up 164% Year-Over-Year (Crowdfund Insider)  

11-14-2017- Lending Club stock plunges to year low despite record origination and revenues (altfi)

11-14-2017- Prosper Shares Q3 2017 Results with $821 Million in Originations (Lend Academy)

11-14-2017- Is LendingClub Making a Permanent Shift to Higher Quality Borrowers? (Lend Academy)

11-20-2017- Assetz Capital Achieves £1.5 Million Through Latest Seedrs Funding Round (Crowdfund Insider)  

11-27-2017- P2P Lender Lendable Signs £300 Million Loan Deal With Castle Trust  (Crowdfund Insider)  

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